“So, typically I have been using running, biking and swimming for exercise. I’m still using those things in varying amounts but all of them are more challenging with an intense travel schedule. So, when I’m home, I schedule maximum time with Scott! Not only have I noticed a marked increase in my strength, but I have a program I’m willing to stick to. Additionally, when I travel, he puts together a routine I can do in my hotel room in order to maintain my progress! I’m really grateful he has a place downtown – what an amazing gem of a gym and what a great guy to boot!”

– Michelle from Dayton


“I cannot say enough about Epic Life Fitness. This service is absolutely imperative to my fitness journey. Since starting with Scott, I’ve lost over 70 pounds, and many inches. My strength and stamina have increased beyond measure. 50% of ‘Personal Training’ is ‘personal’ and Scott makes you know that you and your struggle and successes absolutely count. He takes the time to know you and your body so he can suggest things that will work best for you. For example, I can’t do anything with impact, so he developed a low-to-no impact routine specifically for me. I absolutely would not be successful at all on my journey without Scott and Epic Life Fitness.”

– Sarah from Dayton


“If you live or work downtown (or really anywhere) and are looking for a place to work out and a great trainer, I couldn’t recommend Epic Life Fitness more. Scott is VERY knowledgeable about the science and the mechanics of working out, which is obviously crucial. He is also very kind, friendly, and fun which is maybe just as important. His sincere passion is helping people get fit to improve their health and their lives. My goal when I went to him was to 1) learn how to lift weights properly and safely, and 2) develop an intelligent workout routine I could stick with. Boy am I glad I went to Scott – left to my own devices, I am sure I would have jumped in too fast and ended up injured. Scott’s process was methodical, and ensured that I first developed the stabilizing muscles necessary before moving on to heavier weights and more challenging moves. Another thing I definitely like is his new, well equipped, private studio space. For people like me who are not totally comfortable working out in public (especially when I first started out), it is a very comfortable environment to learn and train in. The three best things to come from joining Epic Life Fitness have been 1) I really feel like I have made a friend in Scott, 2) I am seeing results (duh!), and 3) I have, for the first time ever, actually found a workout that I enjoy doing and have stuck with.”

– Ryan from Dayton


“Feeling strong again, thanks to Epic Life Fitness! In January, 2015 I started Catalyst class twice a week. It’s a tough workout, but I was able to start at my own level – Scott helped modify a few exercises that I wasn’t able to perform properly, and I was on my way. Down 20 pounds since then, and I can see muscles again!

The workouts are fun, efficient, and done in about 45 minutes – from arrival to sweaty, smiling departure! Classmates are fun and up-beat, and it’s rare that a mini-dance party doesn’t break out during class. (ok, sometimes it’s just me and my out-of-control jazz hands…).

It is without reservation that I recommend Epic Life Fitness – I’m 53 years old, and was overweight and really out of shape when I started! Catalyst is working for me!”

-Laura from Dayton


“Love my catalyst night! Yeah, sometimes I get sore, but what a high, and so addicting. Scott is very supportive & encouraging, which makes this fun!”

-Misty from Huber Heights